Trapped in the Light of the Looking Glass

Is the internet dead? This is not a metaphorical question. It does not suggest that the internet is dysfunctional, useless or out of fashion. It asks what happened to the internet after it stopped being a possibility. The question is very literally whether it is dead, how it died and whether anyone killed it…

…So what does it mean if the internet has moved offline? It crossed the screen, multiplied displays, transcended networks and cables to be at once inert and inevitable. One could imagine shutting down all online access or user activity. We might be unplugged, but this doesn’t mean we’re off the hook. The internet persists offline as a mode of life, surveillance, production, and organization—a form of intense voyeurism coupled with maximum nontransparency.”

-”Too Much World: Is the Internet Dead” by Hito Steyerl in E-flux

/// FYI, we were not in sync enough to live stream the three-day show, so we performed ‘off-line.’ Still, we were always connected to the screen… 


(from Honey Boo Boo Philosophy)


introducing ::: GUARDIAN ALIEN :::

The guardian alien is a spectral figure envisioned halfway-hidden in the performance scene, as a non-earthly  conscious entity that patiently watches and intermittently interacts with the unfolding utterances between the anthropoid actors, performing a play of staged power that represents the ceremonial and conflictual process of humanity’s planetary situation.

Their [decolonial] GAZE of observation forces a gravitational pull oriented to the outward-looking eye, setting the spectacle as a site to penetrate higher dimensions. 

CosmiKnots were blessed to have @RainLove3000 play our guardian alien in this production !!! <3<#