Escaped Exotics MIAMI STREETS  set to plaster building sides of Miami in Spring of 2018 as a part of experimental ethnobotanical imprint ESCAPED EXOTICS


Passersby encover the global biological histories hidden in Miami’s urban landscape via a series of ethnobotanical posters that  contextualize the spread and domain of Florida’s human-introduced invasive plant species.

Featuring invasive ecology information from ethnobotanical perspectives, posters consider human visions for landscape alteration and the use of plants to effect desired changes in the material world alongside plants’ biological mechanisms of adaptation as a part of the Miami pantropical aesthetic of fantasy.

Australian Pine


Air Potato

Brazilian Pepper

Rosary Pea

These 5 plant species are the most commonly encountered and ecologically disruptive invasive plants widespread across urban Miami.

Escaped  Exotics addresses each individual species with a series of 3 unique posters with language-specific text according to Miami linguistic populations.

Thanks to a generous grant from BFI,  language-specific posters will be available in


(the three most common languages of urban Miami)


Interlocking texts, diagrams, and illustrations from a diverse set of methodological perspectives  expose details of cultural  and ecological significance to audiences who encounter these species in their everyday lives.

Finally, posters will be printed en masse and wheat-pasted  onto public building walls nearby examples of the plants growing in situ along the walking landscapes of Miami for travelers and locals to encounter alongside the plants themselves.

Escaped Exotics was conceptualized in the age of virtuality as a means to connect citizens with material biological world.